Americas Procurement Awards 2020 Categories

Procurement Leader Award

Highlighting the individual who empowers their team to succeed, together while steering their team on the function’s futuristic vision.

Great procurement leaders inspire, challenge and build great teams around them. They know when to play safe, when to take risks and are passionate supporters of the function. They are visionaries and strategists who are also able to spur on those around them to achieve great things.

The Procurement Leader award is open to all senior executives who have strategic responsibility for their organization’s procurement function and will recognize how he or she has impacted the wider business and put procurement at the top table in their organization.

In order to be a Procurement Leader, we understand that this might take longer than 12 months to prove, please provide the signigicant examples and achievments from their whole procurement career.

Innovation Award

Recognizing the function capitalising on new, emerging technology to turn a challenge into an opportunity for new success.

Innovation is a popular word which is easily over-used, but in the context of these awards judges will be looking for how procurement organizations have succeeded in one or both of the following two scenarios:

  • Employed innovative new approaches or processes within the procurement function to achieve great results.
  • Helped to develop a new product or service functionality/value through the use of recognized procurement levers.

To help our judges score this category, those entering are encouraged to focus on a specific project or initiative which took place during the past 12 months. This might include a specific new tool set, process improvement or product-improvement initiative.

Talent & Development Award

Celebrating the function that’s exemplifying how to nurture and retain procurement talent.

Being able to attract the most diverse top talent into procurement doesn’t only come down to money. High potentials demand to be in an environment of strategic influence and to work in a function which has the full support of corporate leadership. It is important for employees in any organization to be supported in their learning and development needs and if done well it is also something that can lead to improved retention and superior results.

Whether developed entirely in house or in partnership with an external provider/institution, this award will recognize procurement functions that are giving their staff a tangible learning journey through their training program – this could include procurement-led employee initiative projects that have opened up new opportunities for businesses.

Judges will be looking for organizations that combine excellent benefits with solid opportunities for career progression and development. At the same time, judges will be looking for evidence of how supportive corporate leaders are to the procurement function.

Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Award 

Recognizing a function that’s delivering business value as a result of a supplier diversity and inclusion program.

This category is seeking entries from organizations that have implemented a successful supplier diversity and inclusion program. This award celebrates the work of a corporate organization that is driving forward the supplier diversity and inclusion agenda, making a significant impact on the development of corporate supplier diversity operations. This may include organizations that actively encourage the participation of minority owned and diverse businesses or helping to create a prosperous and vibrant business sector.

Procurement Technology Award

Celebrating the procurement technology that’s creating an innovative solution to support procurement’s value delivery.

It is important to recognize the innovations enabling procurement to fundamentally transform the ability of the function to deliver more value.

This Award recognizes the latest wave of technology-driven procurement solutions and the companies responsible for their development.

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